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Charles Manson: If He’d Been Obsessed With The Archies Rather Than The Beatles

It’s the music, man. It’s the music that’s coming. It’s not me that’s coming. I can’t be coming because I don’t exist. If I do exist I might be Jesus, but I haven’t decided yet. I might be Jesus with teeth, I don’t know. You know. It’s in your mind. You can tell me. I can’t tell you. I have no mind. It’s the kids that know and the kids that will hear the music. And when the music starts, that’s when Sugar Sugar will begin.

But Sugar Sugar isn’t made by me. Sugar Sugar just passes through me. It’s talking to me. And then I’m talking to you. Sugar Sugar is in the atmosphere, man. It’s outside your mind and inside your mind. Sugar Sugar will get us out of the Bottomless Pit. That is the way. There’s no way out but Sugar Sugar is the way. It will give us the energy. That’s what they are saying to me. Just listen to it.

They’re pouring sweetness over you. It’s right there in Sugar Sugar. Just listen. And that sweetness is going to pour over everyone. Real fast. Then, when that sweetness is poured over everyone, that’s when you’ll be my Candy Girl. And before you know it there’s a Candy Girl in your house, there’s a Candy Girl in your school, there’s a Candy Girl in your yard. In your mind. You like that? You like all those Candy Girls twisting your reality? They tell us, you can’t believe the wonder of this feeling. No you won’t. The true bliss of utter annihilation. The sweetness pours down, the Candy Girls come and then you’ll experience the wonder of this feeling, man.

The summer sunshine that’s pouring the sweetness, man. Just look at the words! Charlie ain’t doing this, Sugar Sugar is doing this. That summer sunshine is the light. It’s going to show up all the wrongs in the world. And then it will have it wanting you. You bet it will. It will all be Honey Honey, binding the gears of the establishment. You see Sugar Sugar and Honey Honey, it’s all the same, man! You can keep your Elvis Melvish and your Schpodo Modo, now this is Sugar Sugar and it’s pouring down. Fast.

This is just the map brother. These are just the compass points. I ain’t digging this up. This is already dug up. You got Sugar Sugar and then we get to Jingle Jangle. Can you hack that Jack? Cos Jingle Jangle’s a coming. It’s coming down from the sky. It talks to me, but I ain’t calling it. You’re calling it. Just asking for it. Your father is asking for it. All the fathers are asking for it. And then, before you know it, Everything’s Archie. Everything.

The four will come. Five with Charlie. Six with Jesus. But the four will come. And they will ask me to save them from Sugar Sugar. Archie, Reggie, Jughead and Big Moose. Plus Charlie and Jesus. It’s right there. Right there in Bang-Shang-a-Lang. All the Betty’s and Veronica’s, they’ll be gone, man. And once they’re gone, that’s when the Archies get angry man. It tells you everything. Just listen to it, man. Listen to it before it listens to you. Because then there’ll be nothing left. You know what’s left? La Dee Doo Down Down. That’s all that’s left. Submerged beneath the awareness of the outside world.

Sugar Sugar will sow the seeds of confusion allowing the Candy Girls to rise and Jingle Jangle to leak into the minds of all the Jugheads. Your head is a jug. An actual jug, full of lies. Lies the fathers spit out, man. The music will warn you, but the music can’t save you. You can hear the music but you can never hear the music. That’s what Sugar Sugar is. I ain’t controlling it. It’s controlling me. But it’s coming. Sugar Sugar is coming. You just can’t hear it. No one can hear it. It’s too perfect to be heard.

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