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About the book. And about me I suppose.

Letters of Not is a book that was released in October 2014. According to Amazon its ranked at about 6 million and there were 16 used copies for sale about 11 seconds after it was published. Which is quite odd. It's a collection of fake letters supposedly written to or from or about famous people.

Some of these letters have originally appeared on Sabotage Times. You can seek them out over there. Most are brand new and written by me and designed by the amazing We Are Laura. Everything they have done so far has been astonishing. You can expect to see letters that claim to be from David Simon, Rodin, Beatrix Potter, Lou Reed, The Rolling Stones, Orson Welles, Gallileo, Neil Armstrong, Mark E Smith, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Harold Pinter, Art Garfunkle, The Pope, The Emperor Claudius, Geoffrey Chaucer, Patti Smith, Muhammed Ali, The Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell and others. I really wanted to do an Alan Turing one, but could never make it work.

In terms of my name and what I do; my name is Dale Shaw and I'm a comedy writer. I've written for a welter of TV and radio things, such as Mitchell and Webb, School of Comedy, The Now Show, Russell Howard's Good News, The Impressions Show, Anna & Katy, Watson & Oliver, The News Quiz and some Muller Rice commercials. I'm currently writing a show for Radio 4 called What the Future? Unless you're reading this in 2016, in which case it's already been on. You can see more of my dandy shenanigans on my rarely updated site OVER HERE

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