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It's quite simple. The more books you buy, the more money I make. Don't you want me to have nice things? 

Letters of Not (UK)


If you are British, or not British but live in Britain or are visiting Britain from somewhere else, perhaps for a large sporting event like the Commonwealth Games or you're over on a lecture tour for your book about herons, but have an established delivery address, you can buy this book from Amazon UK. 


You can and you should, maybe I didn't make that clear. In short, buy the book. 

Letters of Not (US)

Don't worry my sweet little babies from across the bay. Of course you can buy a copy of this book on your own shores. No filthy foreign ink will rub across your fingertips and no illegal fruits and vegetables will be accidently transported in any seams or creases. Simply buy it from Amazon (the original not the UK offshoot).

That's the back cover you can see, we didn't lose our minds and not include the title on the front cover. Though we are mavericks, don't get me wrong.

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