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EXTRA LETTER: A Christmas Card Photographer Writes To Tony Blair

Dear Mr and Mrs Blair,

Can I just reiterate what an honour it was to be chosen as the photographer responsible for your Christmas card this year. As I stated at the time, it is certainly the pinnacle of my career.

I just have a quick question regarding the contact sheet I sent over to you earlier this week. I noticed that you have selected the fourth picture taken during the shoot. Are you entirely sure this is the image you wish to use?

If you remember, just seconds before this particular picture was taken Kyle, the Yorkshire Terrier that accompanies me everywhere, had grown disturbed by the sudden slamming shut of a dumb waiter in the room where the shoot was occurring. In his agitated state, Kyle darted across the room and collided with Mr Blair's reproductive area. As he doubled over with pain, Mrs Blair began to laugh quite vigorously, which angered him in no uncertain terms. After a brief exchange of angered words, she barked, "Looks like Wendi Deng won't be having a merry Christmas" at which point you made this particular facial expression and I inadvertently pressed the shutter.

So I was quite surprised that this was your selection. Could you contact me as soon as possible and confirm that this is the picture you wish to use? Not to be dramatic but I feel that all of our professional reputations may be affected by your decision.

Best, Glen Blandforth (Lens Be Friends Photographic Agency)

P.S. Also, are you sure you want to use that tacky red font that reads 'Seasons Greetings'? I think it looks really naff.

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