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Hey! A cover!

I always think I'm doing something slightly wrong when I post things like this. But then I always think I'm doing something slightly wrong whenever I do anything. Doesn't everyone feel that way? That someone is lurking in the bushes and will leap out screaming 'WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?' no matter what you are actually engaged in. I picture them as a small man with a moustache and some form of peaked cap.

Which is probably a terrible way to celebrate the unveiling of the Letters of Not cover, but then my unveiling skills have always been pretty poor. I once tried to unveil a statue of Phil Spencer in Harpenden town centre and accidentally killed four people. But that's another story for another day. Look at that cover! Look at it! It is a lovely thing indeed concocted by the fabulous people at We Are Laura.

On the cover you'll see all sorts of sneaky peekys related to content in the book, such as a Harold Pinter greetings card, a Werner Herzog notebook, a bit of Patti Smith's gym application and a Beatrix Potter bunny poking out somewhere.

Honestly, I know I have a stake in this thing, but I can't express enough how amazing the design of the book is. Makes me wish I'd tried a little harder with the actual writing portion, but that was a difficult couple of weeks for me. Our boiler was playing up and I really got into The Gentle Touch. Man, that was a great show. They should reboot that series. Maybe with one of those Downton people or someone from Mr. Selfridge. They'd be good.

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