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Letters of Not Cover

A completely available collection of fake letters by famous people


The lovely people at the Friday Project publishing conglomerate have now released a book called 'Letters of Not' by a man, me, Dale Shaw. 


It is a collection of made-up letters, notes and angry screeds, supposedly written by famous types such as Werner Herzog, Mark E. Smith, Alfred Hitchcock, Joan of Arc, Geoffrey Chaucer, Van Morrison, Patti Smith, Neil Armstrong, Bo Diddley and others...


On here, I'll tell you, you know, how things are going and stuff. Like my new book, F**k This Journal, which you can buy HERE. Plus include some extra letters that were too libellous or too confusing to be included. And check out the NEWS section for details on We Could Send Letters - live at the Greenwich Tavern.

But I have to add there are funny things out there. For example, there is one letter going around which I supposedly wrote to my cleaning lady, and in which I insult her in the meanest possible way. When you read it, you'll see the real author mentions his name right below the heading, but most people completely overlook that because, I suppose, people cannot read.


Werner Herzog - The Hollywood Reporter


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